One Simple Change Can Transform Your Kitchen

How many times have you heard “Kitchens…that’s where you’ll get the most bang for your buck in remodeling”?

They’ve probably been saying that since the beginning of time or at least since HGTV first aired. Here’s the thing, though, everyone says it because it’s true. Time and again I see buyers willing to overlook a lot of flaws in a home if the kitchen is nice. In fact, the nicer and newer the kitchen is, the more flaws the buyers are willing to overlook. There’s a direct correlation!

“So, Rachel, what is the 1 thing I can do to give my kitchen that WOW! factor?” you ask. Well, it’s fairly simple:

Change the cabinets

There’s a couple of ways you can do this.

1. Paint or Re-stain

I generally recommend this if you’re existing cabinets are custom, solid wood and still in good shape but just look a little dated. You can go to your local home improvement store and find tons of options for stains and paints specifically for refinishing cabinets. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to do. With a little elbow grease, you can be finished in a weekend.

2. Install New Cabinets

This is the option if your existing cabinets are low-quality, in bad shape and/or extremely dated. This is the situation most homeowners find themselves in. The good news is there are great options available now that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re handy, Your Cabinet Store in Columbus, Ohio has an option where you can purchase cabinets that you assemble and install yourself and they’re delivered directly to you. This can help you save money and time when you don’t have to be dependent on someone else installing.

If you’re going the route of installing new cabinets, make sure you chose something that is classic and not too trendy. This will make sure your investment stands the test of time and makes your home attractive to most potential buyers out there. You’ll get a much greater return on investment this way. In fact, you might like the transformation so much, that you decide to never move.

Darcy Leigh of Your Cabinet Store points out that maple is the most popular color for cabinets. It’s a great neutral color that looks clean and current. The most popular styles are Kingston, Cottage, Homestead II, Yorktown, and Savannah. All of these styles give an updated and high-end look to any kitchen without being too trendy.

kitchen 2

Now you know the one most important thing that you can do to completely transform the look of your kitchen. Changing your cabinets can make all the difference when you want to sell your home for top dollar or you just want to enjoy spending time in your kitchen again. While you’re at it, check out Your Cabinet Store, a fantastic locally owned business in Columbus at

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