Achieve Feng Shui In Your Home

If you take the time to dig into the philosophy around feng shui, you’ll learn that it’s not as esoteric as one might believe. It’s based around simple practices to make a home feel healthier and more organized. It also helps you to connect to your home in a way that can impact your mood and well-being. Feng shui is no different from “spring-cleaning” or decorating to make a home feel more comfortable.

This ancient Chinese tradition can be incorporated into your own home and done with a modern holistic approach while still honoring the age-old tradition. It’s not about transforming the structure of your home but instead refreshing your home – and in turn your health. The following feng shui tips will do a little more than just bring harmony into your home. They can potentially increase the value of your home as well.

Let’s get into feng shui!

1. Slow Down Your Home’s Energy Flow:

The the back door and the front door have a direct line of sight. That means the energy in the home, or the chi, will flow through the home too fast. Instead of it going straight out of the back door, you want it to undulate throughout the entire home in a graceful and even manner. The best way to slow down this flow is to place a patterned rug on the floor in front of the home’s entrance, add artwork on the walls, or include a round entry table in the foyer space.

2. Declutter Your Home:

Decluttering your home may seem like an obvious solution.  We are all  guilty of letting stuff accumulate in our home at times that may not have a function. Clutter is more than just unappealing visually. It’s an anchor for the energy in a home. An excessive amount of clutter can stop you from having clarity of thought and even weigh you down emotionally. Feng shui isn’t focused on having a perfectly styled home but, instead, provide a happier and healthier environment. Be sure to have the implement organization throughout your home. From paying bills, to recycling content, and even something as simple as a designating a spot for your keys. It’ll help you feel less frazzled and feel more efficient in your day-to-day routine.

3. Keep Front Door Path Clear:

The front door of a home is an important factor to feng shui. It’s the main portal through which the energy from outside enters your home. You want to make sure the energy flows uninterrupted through the front door without “running into” a wall. Keep your front door area free of clutter and consider installing a mirror near the front door. This means that you’re expanding the energy in the space which in turn expands the opportunities within your life – and prevents you from feeling limited.

4. Balance The Five Elements (Wu Xing)

Whether present physically or symbolically, the five elements (Wu Xing) are earth, fire, wood, metal, and water and it’s good to have all five equally represented in your home. For example, the fire element can be brought into a home with warmer tones or through a fireplace or burning candle. You want to ensure there is a balance between all of the elements. People are easily drawn to an element that might cause an imbalance in their life. For example, if a person were to find themselves rather aggressive, they’d want to avoid fire elements – such as a bright red wall. If a person is lacking motivation in their life, it would be better to add more fire elements. Look at the elements within your home in a symbolic manner and see what you need to change to create a more balanced emotional life.

5. Remove Any Negative Symbolism:

From books to traffic signs, symbols surround us including in our homes. An intimate environment represents an individual’s fears and challenges. If you have trouble finding clarity, see if you have a lot of stuff cluttered in your home. If you have low self esteem, check to see if mirrors are hung too high, which equates to you never measuring up. If you find yourself unable to get out of the single life, do you surround yourself with single decor (e.g. single vases, single chairs, single person in pictures/art)? Figure out the challenges you face on a daily basis in your life. The exam your home for things that could be symbolic of those challenges. Then you will understand what changes need to be made.

6. Maximize The Natural Light: 

Natural light can make a person happier and feel more positive. You want to bring as much natural light in a home as possible. You can accomplish this by placing mirrors directly across from windows to help reflect the light throughout your space, removing heaving winding coverings and leaving blinds open.

These are just a few basic tips to get your started on your feng shui journey.  Feel free to share in the comments your own experiences with feng shui or let us know if you tried any of the above tips and what the results were.

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