Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home

There’s no place like home, so why not make it the most beautiful and cozy place you can imagine? Let’s dive into some simple techniques that help show off the best features of every room in your house. Just a touch of color, texture, and personality can make your home feel brand new.



You can never go wrong with a neutral color scheme.  However, if you’re feeling like your room is a little drab, don’t be afraid to try a bold color. You can paint or even wallpaper an accent wall with something that compliments the current color scheme. Also, consider using furniture or artwork to bring in more color. It doesn’t have to mean cluttering the space with more stuff.  You can keep the rest of the room simple and add the dramatic touch with a just a few bolder elements.



Mirrors are a fantastic way to add light and room to your space. Using mirrors in staging is known to make a room appear much bigger than it is it. Adding a few accent mirrors, especially directly across the room from a window will brighten up your space and keep it from feeling too tight and small.  Mirrors are also a cost effective way to make a room feel more luxurious and expensive.



We get it. Furniture can get expensive. That’s why getting creative with accessories can be a more cost effective way to change up a room’s look.  There are so many ways you can transform a room by getting creative with the accessories and decorations in it. Get some unique decorative pieces and let your room tell a story around them. Hop down to your nearest antique store or re-sale shop and pick up some bold, unique pieces. You can also browse your local Hobby Lobby or Home Goods for some beautiful decorative pieces that are incredibly affordable.



Nothing gives a space some life like some life, literally. Adding a little nature to a room brings it alive.  Succulents are a great choice because they’re low maintenance and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.  If your thumb is black instead of grean, there’s no shame in using a fake plant.  You can get the same impact whether your plant is reall or not.  You’d be surprised how much a room looks “finished” when you add a beautiful tree in the corner or plant on a table.



Natural light can transform a room and no one will want to leave it. Don’t block out your windows with heavy drapes or hide them behind furniture. Trying using window sheers or valances instead of drapes.  Arrange your furniture to use the windows as a feature rather than something that’s in the way.  Decorate the room in a way that highlights the windows and allows the natural light to shine.



Texture adds fun and interest in any room. Use fur throws or pillows add a tactile experience that makes a room fun and cozy.  Interesting patterns in your fabrics add fantastic visual appeal to a room.  Don’t be afraid to add unique textures throughout the home. Consider using metallics in fun and interesting ways.  It gives your eyes something to focus on as you look around the room. Remember…don’t over-do it. A little goes a long way when it comes to texture. Adding a few key pieces with texture strategically placed around a room is all you need to make it feel brand new.



This is something that you’ll hear from me often (and already have). Nothing brings the best out in a room then getting rid of all the clutter and junk. If you have a hard time walking around your room or finding things in it, it’s time to get a few boxes and start cleaning out the things that don’t really belong.  Besides, just think of all the great new things you can do with your home from the proceeds you could get selling off all that clutter you just cleared out.



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