Turn Your Home from Cold to Cozy

With shorter and chillier days here, you’re probably spending more time curled up on the couch than you were a few months ago. Instead of letting the cold weather get you down, take some time to turn your space into a warm and cozy escape from the winter blahs. Here are some tips to transform your home from cold to cozy.

Bake Your Favorite Dessert

Not only will the smell fill your home with delicious, warm scents but baking and the process it requires can fill your home with joy. Plus, you have a great snack to cuddle up with on the couch for Netflix and chill time!

Light Some Candles

Lighting candles will add to your comfy atmosphere. They will give soft and comforting glow as well as fill every corner of your home with beautiful scents that trigger warm thoughts.

Add Texture To Your Decor

The right decor creates a space that’s snug and inviting. Plush cushions and throws paired with the perfect cable-knit blankets will make you and your guests want to spend the weekends binge-watching from the couch.

Have Guests Over

Instead of locking yourself in alone this winter, invite guests over to enjoy your cozy home with you! Invite everyone to bring their favorite snack or winter beverage and share the warmth of friendship as well as your home.

Perfect A Winter Beverage

The best thing to have with your baked goods is a warm beverage to enjoy. Slow cooker hot chocolate and apple cider is great for the kids and hot toddies or mulled wine will quickly warm you up even on the chilliest of days.

Make A Winter Playlist

The final step to making your space warm and inviting this winter is making the perfect playlist to play in the background while you are snuggled in for the season. Grab your mulled wine + fresh cookies and enjoy the sounds of your winter playlist from the comfort of your cozy home!

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